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Where the Spirit of the
Lord is, there is Liberty


Graham family July 3, 2016

Pastor Graham was raised in a Christian home in Ellicott, Colorado.  He had the privilege of being raised in a Bible preaching, outreach oriented, Baptist Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  

He trusted Christ at the age of nine after he had heard a message preached out of Revelation on the subject of Hell.  Under great conviction by the Holy Spirit in his bedroom that night, he went into his parentís room and his father was able to lead him to Christ.

As a result of being raised in an evangelistic church, Pastor Graham surrendered to full time ministry as a young man.  

Pastor Graham and his wife met at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, IN in 1998.  In 2000, they were married.  After 4 years of marriage and 2 children, God called them to go to Bible College in North Dakota. After completing the course, they moved to Texas for 1 year, and then were moved to Mt. Vernon, KY for 2.5 years under the ministry of Pastor Mark Eaton at the Central Baptist Church. Then on October 1, 2010, God miraculously moved them to Liberty Baptist Church in Indianapolis, IN.

Pastor James Woods, the founding pastor of 24 years, had encouraged them to come and help in the ministry for 1 year while Pastor Woods began to get ready for retirement. However, God had other plans, and on October 19, 2010 God took Pastor Woods home to be with Him.

The church voted to accept Pastor Graham as pastor on November 28, 2010.  Since that time the church has seen much spiritual growth as well as numerical growth.  Pastor has a burden to have a strong Gospel-centered church on the south side of Indianapolis.  His heartbeat is that we would be laborers together, as put in 1 Corinthians 3:9.  Pastorís topical, as well as expository preaching, equips our church to have a heart for God, to grow in grace, and to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Pastorís email: pastoralgraham@gmail.com